5 reasons why London freelance web designers beat the big agencies

There are a lot of large web design agencies in London, so why would you ever want to use a freelancer? You would be surprised by just how many advantages there are to using a freelance web designer and what brilliant results you could get.
Here are just some of the great reasons.

1.They’re just cheaper!

Think of everything that a big London web design agency needs to afford: salaries, insurance, maternity leave, rent… none of those are cheap in this city. Contrast that with the tiny overheads that freelancers tend to have – many work from their own homes.

2.They’ve got the right skills and experience

You might expect a large company to have the right staff, but so often, the person actually putting together your site is a low-paid 20-something using Dreamweaver. They’re there because that’s the work that they can get.
Freelancers, on the other hand, tend to work for love over money. They’re therefore often fully-qualified web designers with a strong awareness of industry best practices and coding standards.

3.They actually communicate with you

A freelancer is answerable to you, whereas the equivalent person in a big London web design agency is answerable to their employer and their bottom line. That factor alone makes a big difference to the communication dynamic.
With a freelancer, you also have a direct line of communication to the person doing the work – there are no ‘Chinese whispers’ between you and whoever is actually designing your site.

4.They won’t leave you waiting in line

Big clients are the bread and butter of the big London web design agencies, and that relationship tends to bring big, lucrative projects. If you aren’t a big multinational bringing in the big money, chances are that you’ll be some way down your chosen agency’s priority list.
The bigger clients take up too much of the time of the average skilled freelancers, who therefore tend to work on smaller projects. It means that with them, even as a new client, you’ll be pretty much at the head of the queue.

5.They aren’t weighed down by ‘process’

Those larger agencies have more than a few things in common with ocean liners. They don’t have the agility that a freelancer can have as far as adapting to the latest technology is concerned, for example. Approval for any change doesn’t have to go through multiple layers of management.
All in all, when you make the right choice of freelance London web designer, you can expect a great site done, fast, at a fraction of the price that you would expect to pay a big company. What about that for a win-win-win situation?