Why a freelance developer can better a big agency for e-commerce web security

Ensuring the high security of your e-commerce website is important for several reasons.

These reasons include that it can put potential customers at ease and help to preserve and boost your company’s reputation.Therefore, wouldn’t it be for the best if you trust a big web development agency with ensuring that your e-commerce website has high security? Actually, you can benefit much more from handing this responsibility to a freelance web developer – and here are some reasons why.

The importance of high security for e-commerce

When someone carries out a transaction with an e-commerce website to buy an item from it, a variety of very sensitive and confidential information, including customer, business and payment information, is traded or shared. Should such data be leaked, it can mean huge inconvenience for the customer and, especially in the event of resulting widespread negative publicity, a damaged reputation for the business. Therefore, it is imperative that you ensure that your website’s security is high to reduce the likelihood of a leak and its adverse consequences.

Turn to someone who has much relevant know-how

But surely a big web development agency will arrange for someone with through relevant experience and expertise to put in place the right security features for your website? Actually, that agency is likely to leave the work with someone with less of that experience and expertise than its more senior developers, who will probably be too busy helping bigger clients to help you. As a freelance developer is typically passionate about web development, they are more likely to know more about crucial web security features like authentication – the process of verifying the legitimacy of both the store and the customer – and intrusion detection services.

For good web security, it’s good to talk

The issue of your e-commerce website’s security is so important that it could much occupy your mind and, perhaps, even lead you to excessive worrying. It can therefore be helpful if you work with a developer who can put your mind at rest by regularly talking to you and revealing precisely what they are doing with your website.

This kind of communication is usually more possible with a freelancer than it is with a large company. This is because a freelancer is ultimately answerable to you, not a big company that could employ them, and you will have a more direct line of communication with them.