Why a London freelancer can craft more effective UX/UI web design

What do UX and UI stand for? They stand for, respectively, user experience and user interface – and you should keep both of these aspects of web design in mind for your company’s website.These terms can seem like complex jargon, so you might be surprised to learn that a freelance web designer, rather than a big web design agency, can better ensure that your business’s website is designed with effective UX and UI treat as priorities. Below are some good reasons why.

You can benefit from better skills and experience

A large agency is going to have a huge number and range of staff, right? Surely that means that they can easily hand the work of designing your website to someone with specialist experience and knowledge of UX and UI?

Actually, a lot of the time, because the agency is likely largely preoccupied with boosting its profit margins, it will hand the work to someone who is low-paid and inexperienced, rather than one of its more knowledgeable staffers, who will probably be instead working for bigger clients who can offer more money. Turn to a freelancer right from the beginning and you can more easily find yourself doing business with someone with a useful level of knowledge about UX and UI.

UX marks the spot when you choose a London freelancer

The term ‘UX web design’ can seem almost self-explanatory, but this apparent simplicity can be deceptive to inexperienced web designers. The term refers to design that, at every stage, takes account of the unique needs and wants of users. ‘UI web design’ can be similarly described, as it is about helping users to get what they want as effectively as possible.

You can have a product and website that are both initially appealing to a user, but this can contribute surprisingly little towards your business goals if the website has not been set up to make the whole shopping experience easy for that user, as would be the case if it was designed with the aforementioned factors in mind.

A London freelance web designer will often work more for love of their job rather than money, unlike the kind of person in a large London agency who would likely design your company’s website. Therefore, the freelancer is more likely to know what UX and UI genuinely are and be capable of designing while taking UX and UI into sufficient account.